How to Lead a Team That Gets Stuff Done from Home

How to Lead a Team That Gets Stuff Done from Home

There are 2 types of people right now:

  1. The ones that are getting stuff done, despite transitioning a team to working remotely
  2. The ones that are moving more slowly toward their team goals than they were before, due to figuring out how to lead a team that’s now working from home

If you’re the former, we would like to invite you to write this article for us. You’re a superhuman with a bloodline that dates back to Hercules and we want to know what you’re putting in your morning coffee, because we want in.

If you’re the latter, you’re like the rest of us. Transitioning a team to work from home AND hitting your goals is like having a baby and thinking, “This is going to be a breeze.” It’s not a breeze.

It’s tiring.
It’s difficult.
And sometimes it’s incredibly overwhelming.

At Quibus Technosys, we can’t say we’ve perfected working from home to a point that we’re descendants of Hercules, but we’re definitely doing an above adequate job at it (if we do say so ourselves). We’re changing directions faster than a hockey player in the Stanley Cup, and we’re hitting our goals—all while our team works from home.

Here’s how we’ve figured out how to lead a team that gets stuff done from home, so you can too.


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